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DB killers for Termignoni on 821 Hypermotard

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Hei hei, first post here

So I've been looking to start showing up at the Rudskogen trainings, and making sure my bike is ready to go. I discovered the Termignoni D136 it came with is missing the DB killers. Previous owner probably removed them and forgot about them.

Is it safe to assume termignioni without db killers will be past 102 DBs?

Any ideas where I could buy just the db killers themselves? Tried my luck on ebay, but no dice. Any universal ones I could try?

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Our and every other track days for street bikes (license plates/skilt-sykler) are limited to 100 dB. Our track days for both street bikes AND race bikes (RR = roadracing) are limited to 102 dB. Static noise test.

Your bike will most likely pass noise testing with or without killers, but get some anyway. PUT THEM IN BEFORE ARRIVAL. Stupid to pay for a track day you may not be allowed to attend. (Ducatis don't really make 'noise'. They play music, but that's another topic)


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